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UK Qualifications Overview

Make Change Associates offer a wide range of distance learning courses in Management and Business in academic, professional and career development fields, all of which are UK-accredited.

Make Change Associates is a registered centre with a number of awarding bodies, including Edexcel,NCFE and RSPH.

What is Distance Learning?

· Studying a structured course with the flexibility to choose your own time and place, and the pace at which you complete your studies.
· Studying materials sent to you by email and post.
· Being supported by a personal tutor who gives you guidance and advice.


Where and How do I Study?

· Learning from home or work gives you the freedom to 
· work at your own pace - to slow down, speed up, stop, start again - in response to changes in your circumstances
· plan your studies to suit your home, social, and work circumstances
· study where it is most convenient for you - at home, at work, at a local library, on journeys
· study at a time to suit you - when you choose - at any time of the day and night, and any day of the week.


Our Course are structured:

· to provide a reasonable study schedule
· with deadlines for assignments work


Our Course are internationally recognised

· they are accredited by national validation organisations
· they are highly respected by employers internationally
· they are accepted as entry qualifications for higher level courses


Who Studies by Distance Learning?

The opportunity to study at home,in your own country, or current location,appeals to many types of people

· High school leavers who need to start work
· Graduates starting their careers
· Mature people who have delayed entry into further education
· Older people who have work or family commitments which prevent studying full time
· Those thinking of continuing education for personal development or for a career change
· Those who who want to upgrade their professional qualifications
· Entrepreneurs who wish to gain business & management knowledge and skills
· Expatriates who are working away from their home countries
· Service men and women in the armed forces who regularly move locations.


Our Support will Provide:

· high quality study materials
· support and email & telephone contact with a UK tutor


The Benefits to you will be that you will:

· learn valuable new skills
· gain a valuable qualification
· be more successful in your work
· manage workplace problems more effectively
· have better chances of promotion
· gain the respect of your colleagues.


All of our courses:

· will help you to use your learning to improve your performance and progress in your career
· are of reasonable cost, adjusted to reflect regional economic differences
· give you a fast return on investment by helping you progress
· help you to grow and develop personally

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