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Make Change Associates has now formed a partnership with Language Links, based in Western Australia. This now allows candidates to register and undertake one of their programs. When they complete they can then be referred to a higher Institution to continue their chosen career. Here are some of the great reasons why to study at Language Links.

1. They offer a wide range of quality English courses including General English, IELTS Preparation, Teacher Training and all levels of Cambridge Exam preparation.

2. Students have the opportunity to complete their English course as an 'Award Course' enabling them to receive a nationally recognised qualification!

3. A range of Pathways to suit individual future educational goals: The English qualifications issued by Language Links are recognised by a variety of Universities and Higher Education institutions such as:

TAFE international – Certificate II to Advanced Diploma) – Most Industries

PIBT / ECU – Certificate IV to Advanced Diploma):

Business, Computing, IT, Communications, Science(Health Studies and Engineering Studies) Hotel Management and University Foundation programs – Lead by ECU degree courses.

ACAE – Certificate II to Diploma

Hospitality, Tourism, Events, Business and Management courses leading to degree programs all with a work-placement component

4. Free academic advice plus an individual study plan is offered to students wishing to complete a Higher Education course in order to help students achieve their study goals. Language Links specialises in Academic English courses to prepare students for Higher Education.

5. Student Visas: Students are offered a Visa to enable candidates to package English and Higher Education programs together when they apply for their VISA.

6. All course and study materials are provided by the college.


An interactive video telling about Perth, western Australia. http://www.westernaustralia.com/interactive/en.htm

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