Level 2 Certificate in Living in a Fair and Diverse Society




Key Info:

Course Length: 4-12 weeks average course length

Awarding Body: TQUK E-Certificates upon achievement

Course Level: Level 2

Funding (Subject to availability): Funded

Learning Method(s): Online learning materials with online assessment


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The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) reports that unemployment rates were approximately 6% higher for ethnic minorities than white people in 2018. This is just one example of the inequalities that still exist throughout the UK. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that we educate ourselves about supporting and promoting equality and British Values.

This qualification aims to improve your knowledge of equality, diversity and inclusivity, and the four British Values, for either your personal or professional life.

This course is split into four manageable units:

Unit 1: Equality and Diversity

Section 1: Equality in daily life
Section 2: Diversity in daily life
Section 3: Inclusion in daily life
Section 4: The impact of the Equal Pay Act 1970
Section 5: The impact of the Equality Act 2010

Unit 2: Promote Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Section 1: How to promote equality and diversity in daily life
Section 2: How to promote equality and diversity in own life
Section 3: How to promote inclusion in daily life

Unit 3: Positive Equality Movements

Section 1: The need for positive equality in daily life
Section 2: Discrimination in daily life towards others
Section 3: Positive equality events held in the UK 

Unit 4: British Values

Section 1: British Values as they apply to all residents of the United Kingdom
Section 2: Democracy as it applies in the United Kingdom
Section 3: The Rule of Law as it relates to daily life in the United Kingdom
Section 4: Individual Liberty as it relates to daily life in the United Kingdom
Section 5: Mutual Respect and Tolerance as it relates to daily life in the United Kingdom

The benefits of this course include:

  • Gain a nationally recognised qualification
  • Develop a greater understanding of the Prevent duty and British Values
  • This course is delivered via distance learning, allowing you to choose when and where you study
  • Study will enhance both your personal skills and professional development
  • Personal Tutors are assigned to you to ensure that you have the support needed to succeed.